Thursday, October 19, 2017

Days Like This

After a delightful lunch for three, we moved on to his bedroom.   I stood in the center of the room, my hands behind my back, looking down, waiting.

My Master was somewhere behind me, I couldn't see.  
Dr. Peter undid the third button to my sweater.  I had already undone the top two before I left home, just so.

 Dr. Peter used a leather tawse to tease the material away from my nipples, playing and stroking each one.   I sighed and arched myself to meet the delicious touch.  He gently lifted each breast free of the sweater now that it was open nearly to my navel, but didn't remove the garment entirely.  I felt even more exposed than if I had stripped myself down to nothing at all, being this way partially and deliberately uncovered.    

He began to pat each breast with the tawse, then to strike more firmly until I gasped in pain. Master pressed close behind me and pulled my arms back tightly, making my chest arch outwards even further.   

I was stripped completely, invited to step out of my skirt, which I did awkwardly and then knelt on the bench at the foot of the bed.   

Two hours later.  

All I can remember is the cricket bat and a cane that turns into a sword.  This is the first time any of us have used a cricket bat as a beating instrument.  I liked it.  It was less painful than some other implements even though it looks like a paddle.  It's made of willow- I'm not sure if they all are, or just this one.

The list of implements they used, from Dr. Peter:

Thin rattan canes, stingy.
Thicker rattan canes, thuddy,
Malaysian Dragon school cane
Smoked Dragon school cane, crook-handled
Whangee Cane  (this one has knobs, which makes it extra painful)

A picture from the web, whangee canes:

Extra long Smoked Dragon canes (one dark brown, one reddish brown, with wrapped straight handles).  Afterward I sniffed the handles to see what they were wrapped with and it was a fragrant leather.

Three tawses (two Scottish, one American) made with bridle leather.

A walking stick which concealed a sword.  I didn't see what they were using on me until later, but I could feel the sharpness going up and down my back.  Also between my legs, poking painfully into my tender bits.   I can hold very still when I need to.

And the piece de resistance,  a Tench Sports cricket bat, used by both Master and Dr. Peter. Made with willow.  Thuddy.
After all the beating and sucking and fucking was done, and a final cup of tea was shared as I sat gingerly in my chair at the table, Master and I were on our way home again.  

I love days like this.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Man In Black

Sitting at the kitchen table with my computer, listening to Crime and Punishment on audiobook, I heard steps behind me.  I smelled leather first, then a gloved hand went across my mouth.   A large knife, machete really, was at my throat and Master told me I needed to get upstairs.  He was dressed all in black.  Felt hat. Black suit coat. Black vest. Black jeans.  Black leather gloves.  Only his tie was gray, setting off the black.    He whispered in my ear as he ordered me to strip and then held the knife against my neck "You know what is going to happen next, don't you, Dolores?"  I shook my head as small as I could so as to avoid jostling his knife.  

"I can rape you before or after I kill you." That's a chilling thing to hear, even if I don't believe it.  My heart was pounding and my breath quick and shallow in my chest.  "It doesn't make any difference to me which way," he said coldly.  The knife traced down my chest.  

"These violent delights have violent ends." 

"There are only two ways you live tonight.  Either everything you can well enough to please me and make me want to keep you.  Or fight me and escape."

I felt no fight in me at that moment, and not knowing what I was supposed to say, I answered "I'll do whatever you want, Master."

That was the wrong answer, he told me.  He shoved me down on the bed and pinned my arms over my head.  He took the leash and wrapped my wrists, tying them off.   He entered my cunt straight away, and I was wet but somewhat unprepared.  It was tight.   He put his hand on my throat and pressed down.  Before I got light headed he let go and removed the gloves.  He used them to slap my breasts and my face.   Master had me in many positions, going from my cunt to my mouth and back repeatedly.  

In the end he came in my mouth and as he was doing so he held my head still in his hands, impaled on his cock, for a good long time; it seemed like minutes, as I tried to breathe and swallow at the same time. 

Bullwhipped and Ass Fucked

I think Master wanted to make our first time after I came back from my trip special.

Right after breakfast he had me put on my leather collar and a black silk slip.  I brought him a light cane and a heavy cane when he told me to pick a couple of implements out.   He ordered me to come stand by him at the kitchen table.  Master folded me down over his lap and gently lifted my silk slip up, sliding it over my bottom.  Then there was no caress but a hard slap, and another, and a dozen more after that.  

He let me down on the floor and directed me to start sucking.  Intermittently he'd have me stand and he would beat me with either the light cane or the wooden cutting board.   I was on his lap and I was bent over the kitchen counter.  My ass was smarting and my cunt was leaking.  I knelt on a towel on the floor and sucked him excitedly and vigorously.  When I felt him get close to coming I slowed down rather than sped up.   I desperately wanted to be fucked.

He finally led me upstairs and told me to strip and grab the dresser.  I could hear the soft but distinctive sound of the uncoiling of the bullwhip behind me.   He stung my back with it over and over.  My cunt dripped and began to shake with pre-orgasmic excitement.  He told me to come. I did.  He whipped me some more, and I came again. 
Master turned me around and pushed me to my knees.  He began beating me from above, coming straight down with the cane while I sucked his cock.  This was harder and more painful than anything he'd done yet.  I was just about sobbing when he stopped, and still trying to suck him, although not, I think, very well.

He had me get in bed, and take the glass dildo.  He fucked me with that as I sucked him once more.   

He got me up again, by the dresser, and flogged me, which was wonderful.
Then he lay back in the bed and had me get on top.  It felt so good to have him inside me.  He made me come several times, and then asked if I was ready to get ass fucked.  Of course I answered "Yes, Master".  Then he made me beg him to "Please fuck my ass, Master".  I really meant it too. I begged again.

He wanted me to have the glass dildo inside my cunt as he took my ass from behind, but as soon as I closed my legs around the dildo it already began to hurt, before he even had a finger in the rear passage.  He allowed me to take the the dildo out and just hold it on the outside between my legs.  He fingered my ass with one, then two, then maybe even three fingers, I'm not sure.  It had been at least a week since I used a plug, and a really long time since he thoroughly fucked my ass.   I was grateful for the lube and for the warm up.  When he slid his cock in it was painful but mostly felt extremely good.  It was so intense though, that I was still making a lot of noises.  

Then he had me slide the glass dildo into my cunt.  From the angle I was trying to reach I could only get it in just a little way, just the tip, but it was far enough that he could feel it as he thrust in and out of me.   I begged him to hurry and come, but he said he wasn't anywhere close.    He kept fucking my butt and the pleasure/pain/but mostly degradation that is anal sex continued.  The last part, the degradation, is the one that makes me cry.  I don't consciously think it, but my body feels it right down to the core.  That's what I love about it, honestly.

Then he pulled out, took off the condom and put his cock in my mouth.  I attempted to suck him off, but he pulled back again and fucks me, this time with me on my back and my legs up in the air.   We come spectacularly at the same moment, his sounds of pleasure pushing me over the edge to enjoy one more orgasm of my own. 

That wasn't even the last for the day.  After we'd gone out to lunch and done errands he took me again, doggy style on the bedroom floor. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

TMI Tuesday -Fill In The Blank

This is a fill in the blank TMI edition, so my answers are the underlined part. 

1. I am me because being someone else would be too difficult.

2. Kittens will never, ever do laundryAnd you can't make them.

3. He was grabbing ice cubes and shoving them in my cunt. Hey, it's happened.

4. Ok, ok I’m really happy to be home tonight .

5. The charming puppy got in my car and came home.

Bonus: Tell us about places where you’ve been happiest.

In bed with my Master. I wish I was there now. Sadly I just got home from four days out of town and he had to go to work.  But tomorrow we will have a good time.  I missed him a lot.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Trade

Sunday Master said he wanted to blow on my stomach, so of course I got into bare-stomach position in submission but dread.  He'd already been talking about giving me no orgasms until Tuesday, but said that if I begged really hard for the tummy blowing, I could have one orgasm on Monday.

I really, really wanted that Monday masturbation, because he's not home for more than half an hour the whole day and I get needy.

So I begged him for the tummy blow that I hate.  I even made my stomach squoosh back and forth in a ridiculous way so that it looked like at talking belly button.  He began to lower his head slowly toward my stomach, a millimeter at a time, making me squirm in anticipation.  The raspberry came, and it was not as bad as all that.  Not good, but totally worth it.   He said I could have ONE orgasm on Monday.  

When Monday rolled around, Master came home for dinner and then was immediately going to leave again, but he took 2 minutes to take me upstairs and have me suck his cock on my knees.  He even fucked me for like 30 seconds, but I couldn't orgasm, not even on command.  It was too rushed and too unexpected.  He had me come out with him to open the front gate for him, and he made me lift my shirt and flash him as he sat in the car as I stood at the open gate.  I didn't have a bra on.  Then he told me to come. He said later that he could see all the thoughts flashing across my face one after the other.
First "Oh no, that's not going to work. Again."  
Then "Shoot, maybe it is?" 
Then "OMG, orgasm time". 

He still let me masturbate last night, so technically I got a bonus orgasm.   


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

TMI Tuesday: It's Complicated

1. How do you gauge the success of your romantic relationships?

Are we both happy?
2. How often do you prefer to talk about sex with your lover?

Multiple times a day. 
3. During sex, what is your top priority?

Obedience.  A feeling of submission to his will- that is absolutely the high point for me.   Pleasing my Master, that is up there too. 
4. What advice would you like to give your partner to be a better lover? Are you afraid to give that advice?

No, I'm not afraid.  I give him advice all the time, he just does whatever he wants anyway.  
5. While in the moment of having sex, what is the best way you like to receive feedback from a lover that they are enjoying or are not enjoying sex a. moans and groans b. tell me in dirty talk c. give me direction or be explicit d. just fuck, tell me later if it was good for you

Oh, the moans and groans are the hottest.  I also love it when he gives explicit directions. 
Bonus: Are you an idiot? Why or why not?

Oh, sometimes I do dumb things or get kind of spacey.  Not in general though, in my own humble opinion.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Last Weekend

I barely did any blogs this week, only a snippet on Tuesday, and now the week is gone and there is so much to write it is hard to choose what to focus on.

Last weekend was the sheep herding trial, the first one I'd been to in 5 years, and I was really nervous about getting back into it. How would it be going back with a new dog? What if I didn't do well? What if people ask me questions about where I've been all this time?

Saturday morning I had to get up at 3:30 am to drive three hours and arrive at the trial on time. 

 Pepper answered that "what if" right off the bat, by being extremely bad about 3 seconds into her first run and we had to retire from the field.  However, nobody died, and I went back for another round in the afternoon.  This time, I was very strict with her, giving constant commands, not letting her have an inch, and she did great.  She got third place.

The next day we had two more runs, and I gave her a bit more freedom to work without being commanded down every few steps, and she did even better, getting a first and a second place, plus ribbons for Best Started Aussie.  And she won a weekend prize of $50, so that was nice.  The trials rarely offer money prizes, usually just ribbons.   

Even better, the camaraderie with old friends I haven't seen in years was excellent.  People I didn't even remember were coming up to me and saying my name right off the bat, although I did remember most of them after a few minutes.  It was very welcoming.  

On Sunday I volunteered to work, since I noticed a few less trial volunteers were there that day and extra help is always appreciated.  I ran the stop watch timer for one of the cattle trials (I hadn't entered cattle).   This is a fun job because you get to sit right next to the judge and hear all of his comments. 
I won some stuff!

 On Sunday I had also woken up at 3:30 am, even though I was at a motel five minutes from the trial and had no need to get up so early. That's what a case of nerves will do.  So it was a pretty long day, what with getting up early, working, trialing, being out all day in 90 degree heat with little shade, and then driving home three hours after that.   

I was pretty tired when I got home but Master had really missed me, which was sweet in theory, but in actuality I had a very hard time getting into a mood to appreciate his sexual attention.   I'd been so (temperature wise) hot both days, and I was still so dirty and sweaty, and our room was stiflingly hot.  

To tell the truth, I didn't feel like having sex.  Which is fine, my Master has the right to my body any time he wants, no matter my feelings.  And I was perfectly willing to be used, but it was dead obvious to him that I wasn't enjoying it.  He kept stopping to ask if I liked it and if I enjoyed it.  So my choices were tell the truth and make him unhappy, or lie, which I know is wrong. 

 I told him that I wasn't really enjoying it.  What I really needed was him to stop fussing at me and just take me forcefully. (And yes, I said exactly that out loud). It was the only thing that can press all the right buttons to take me from "Aahhhggg, let me out of here", which is where I was at that point, to "Oh, yeah".    He was just being too nice to me, too gentle, and then asking questions like that on top of it, when it was clear that I wasn't in the mood, was really, really putting me out of the mood.  

He did stop asking me questions, and started being violent with me, making whispered threats in my ear when I tried to fight back and push him away, holding me down with a hand around my neck.  Very shortly he had me eagerly fucking him back, and orgasming multiple times.  He enjoys it when I fight back a bit, put up a struggle.

It's all about the right buttons.  

We went downstairs after he came, and I had a piece of pizza from the fridge, a beer and a quick shower.   We watched a little TV, then he took me upstairs and caned me thoroughly before bed.

Days Like This

After a delightful lunch for three, we moved on to his bedroom.   I stood in the center of the room, my hands behind my back, looking down, ...