Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happiness is...

My mouth and nose taste like piss and the scars and scabs from Tuesday's whipping are starting to itch. I could not be any happier about this.💗💖

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ask Nicely

Last night Master was using me quickly before bed and he told me if I asked nicely he would put the nipple clamps on me.

Well, I just lay there and didn't say anything.  I was hoping my face was saying "no clamps is just fine for me".  But he looked at me for a minute and then said, "Eh, close enough" and reached for the bed side drawer and the clamps. 

Fit for Friday # Four

Hello all! Here is my week's wrap up.

2/16       9.5 carbs.  20 minutes of walking indoors and 20 minutes of zumba.

2/17      11 carbs. 20 minute walk indoors and 30 minute walk outdoors.

2/18       8 carbs.  45 minute walk outdoors, up and down hills and through the snow with Master.  Whew, I had some tired legs after that! 

2/19       12 carbs.  30 minute walk outside.   

2/20     19 carbs.   25 minutes walk outside with Master. 

2/21    8 carbs. 25 minute walk, 30 minute walk and one hour of yoga. 

2/22   11 carbs.  20 minutes of Zumba, 20 minute walk outside.

This is the most fun Zumba workout I've found:

Twenty minutes is plenty for me, I like the instructor on this video and most of the time I'm doing the "modified" low impact version because of old knees and not being in great shape.   

It's hard to tell with my inaccurate scale, but it looks like I have lost another pound, which makes 8 total lbs gone since I started my dieting and exercising a month ago.   Very happy! 

Link to Fit for Friday with Fondles:

Thursday, February 22, 2018

KOTW: Scratching and Mindfucks

My ass was already warm and red from the canes, straps and single tails they had been using on me.  I heard some different sounds, the rustling of clothes.  Digging in pockets, perhaps.  My ears strained. I shouldn't look, I knew. There was a light scratching sensation on my tender behind.   I have experienced the sensation often enough to recognize the flexibility of a plastic card of some sort pretending to be a knife.   

The mindfuck jig was already up when Dr.Peter commented,

 "What is that, a credit card?"  

"Shhhh, shhhhh" said my Master, and I giggled.  
 "I can tell a card from a knife".

Dr. Peter left the room and returned.

Now there was a sensation on my raw ass that was distinctly sharp and pointy.  I couldn't see it, but it was definitely NOT a library card.

He poked it straight down in my ass, pricking me.  He scratched across me and told me to orgasm.  I was afraid to move too much.  
I didn't know if there was going to be blood.  Master made me spread my legs apart as I lay face down on Dr.Peter's bed.   He grabbed and tugged at my labia.  The sharp thing pricked against me there and I whimpered.  It did hurt.  He poked around a bit more and then showed me the knife Dr. Peter had given him.   

Click here to see more of Kink of the Week:


I guess masturbating is worth the effort without the vibrator.  My Valentine present helps:

RIP Hitachi

My Hitachi magic wand died two days ago.  My Master says I need a frequently buyers club for those vibrators because I burn them out so regularly.  Buy 10 and get the next one free!

Masturbating without it just seems like too much work.   I ordered a new one right away.  But it's not here yet.  Sadness.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Today's Tasks and Also Fun Things

Today my assigned tasks are:

-Work on the computer MTurks  for pay (done)
-Clean the fridge
-Scoop dog poop in the yard
-Feed sheep
-Do laundry
-Make dinner (started in the crockpot)

Fun things I plan to do:

-Play Pokemon Go
-Go for a walk
-Buy some pants for yoga (I'm not sure this counts as fun since I don't enjoy buying pants, but I will enjoy being able to wear pants that aren't full of holes).
-Go to free yoga for beginners class 

Happiness is...

My mouth and nose taste like piss and the scars and scabs from Tuesday's whipping are starting to itch. I could not be any happier abo...