Friday, April 20, 2018

Is It Supposed To Burn That Way?

After many, many months of little to no buttsex, Master gave my ass a thorough plundering this week.   I had worn the butt plug beforehand, while he beat me and then fucked me.  He had me take it out so he could finish in my ass.   I lay on my stomach on the bed and attempted to relax.  I made a lot of sounds- screaming, crying, etc.; not sure how relaxed I was.  He ordered me not to jump away. Then I bit down on a wad of blanket until he finished.   I immediately noticed a slightly hot sensation back there.  Which turned into burning ring of fire and I rushed to the bathroom where I.... blah blah blah.... skip that part.

I accused him of eating hot chili peppers, because that's what it felt like was in his cum!  I don't know if that is a real thing that happens, though.   What do you think? 

Fit for Friday 12

Soooo, this week I didn't do very well.  I gained 2 pounds in fact.  I blame the weather induced gloom.  We had all kinds of fun plans for the weekend, which were mostly cancelled by 28 inches of snow.  Yes, that is right.  Over two feet of fucking snow.  Happy spring, right?   I shoveled a lot.  I went for few walks.  I ate pancakes and cheerios to my heart's content.

4/13  11 carbs, 20 minute walk, 1 hour of heavy cleaning

4/14  9 carbs, 15 minutes of snow shoveling

4/15  So many PANCAKES.   snow shoveling- a lot.

4/16  UGH.  

4/17  A whole box of Honey Nut Cheerios.  50 minute walk.

4/18  14 carbs, 30 minute walk (starting to worry, knowing FFF is coming soon.)

4/19 11 carbs,  40 minute walk

Next week: fewer pancakes, more walks.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Carpe Penis-um

I was debating with myself which title was better, the one above, or "If you see a loophole, grab it and stroke it".

The other morning I woke up horny (what else is new- ha!) and I lay still waiting for the alarm to go off.   I'm not supposed to wake Master up.   Before the alarm went off, he got up to use the bathroom, so when he came back, first I snuggled up to him.  He snuggled back.  Then I started fondling his butt and he didn't stop me.  So I moved around to the front and began stroking his penis.  He mumbled something, I think it was "That's nice" so I kept going.   

He rolled over me and started fucking me right away.

It's a good beginning to any day!

Friday, April 13, 2018


Finding a good source of hay is a huge weight off my mind.  It's one of those things that has been difficult and troublesome in  past years- either we got stuck trying to get out of the other farmer's driveway, or the hay was expensive or not good quality, or just a really far drive, or I call people and they don't call me back.   It was not very smart on my part to keep putting it off because of my fears of it being difficult, however, I did put it off until the situation was critical, as in "We need hay in two days".

But thanks to Craig's List, I found someone selling hay just 13 miles from home, and though they couldn't deliver, I went and picked up 11 bales in my new minivan, and then went back again for another 11 bales.  There is plenty more if I need it.  It wasn't snowing, or raining, we didn't get the car stuck, it was good hay at a super good price, and my older kid helped me. The van is a complete mess and my back is hurting, but the sheep are happy. 

Fit For Friday 11

4/6  19 carbs, 30 minute walk and a 25 minute walk.

4/7 so many carbs!  We went out for Indian food for our monthly get together and I ate all the breads and rice.   One little 15 minute walk.

4/8 19 carbs, a 20 minute walk and a 15 minute walk later on.

4/9  36  carbs (I'm noticing a trend this week, ack!) 15 minute walk and a 40 minute walk/jog.

4/10  11 carbs.  Struggling back on track. A 15 minute not very brisk walk and a 35 minute walk later. 

4/11 15 carbs.  1 hour walk and then a 30 minute walk.

4/12 16 carbs.  20 minute walk/jog and then 40 minutes of moving hay bales.  Then another hour of walking at night.  I was exhausted!

And the final result for the week:  I lost a pound or maybe half a pound, it's hard to tell with my scale wavering between.  But I didn't gain any!! Bring on the Indian foods! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Oh yes!

For a while I thought it was going to be "oh no".  My Master was super tired yesterday, but he also wanted to play with me, which eventually won out over tiredness and he ordered me upstairs.  

He did not like how slowly I was moving and I got a few kicks and a lot of slaps with the leather strap for that.  He pushed me to the floor and I was still fumbling with my clothes trying to get my pants and shoes unwound from my legs so I was slow again in taking his cock.  I got more slaps for that.

He beat on me with many implements in many positions, including the bull whip.  It was a fantastic day for me, a long awaited Tuesday of fun.  We had missed a few of those because of kids being out of school.

Monday, April 9, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Do You?

1. To prepare for this week you will. . . a. Do 100 push-ups a day b. Fall asleep to acid house c. Drink gasoline for breakfast d. Play TMI Tuesday

Well, d, obviously!
2. So you entered a cunnilingus contest. What would be your special skill? You know that winning move that would render a woman weak in the knees and make her cum all over your face.

My special skill (I hope, I certainly have not received any prizes for this yet) would be listening to her moans and body language to find just the right spot and technique.

3. Would you say that any acts of bdsm are cathartic for you? If yes, which ones? Do you find you need those acts because you know they are cathartic?

Pain.  All sorts of pain.  Spanking, whipping, slapping, all that good stuff.  

4. Do you believe in: Ghosts?  Maybe. Aliens?  Out there somewhere? Maybe.  Here on earth already? No. Climate change?  Yes, this isn't even in the same category as the other two.

5. What is your favorite game to play that a lot of people have never heard of or don’t play?

Exploding Kittens, or the newest one: Bears Vs. Babies.

Bonus:  What’s the most amount of money you’d be willing to spend on:

– Car?  Probably too much, whatever my new car costed.  Two car payments is difficult.
– Couch?  I haven't bought a couch in 16 years.  I really need one.  I have no idea how much they cost.  Probably too much.
– Shoes?  This one I know.  $100.   I got some nice walking sandals for that.

Is It Supposed To Burn That Way?

After many, many months of little to no buttsex, Master gave my ass a thorough plundering this week.   I had worn the butt plug beforehand, ...