Sunday, July 23, 2017

I Don't Know What I Was Thinking

Instead of being in my spot on the floor, I was reading in bed last night.  I suppose I thought Master would be downstairs for a long time, and I'd have plenty of time to get ready.  

But he wasn't, and I didn't.   

I was startled when he came in, and started immediately feeling half guilty and half rebellious (what's up with that??).  I slunk down off the bed as he glared at me, and he asked me what I was doing.   I went to kneel on the floor but it was obviously too late for that.  I still felt like I should do it, rather than just lie insolently in bed.   He asked me if this was some sort of slave rebellion.  I wasn't sure, but when I didn't answer he took that as a yes.   

For punishment I had to lie on my back, he cranked my legs up high and hit me with the long wavy paddle right on the backs of my legs where it it most painful.  There were three sets of 10 each, except for once I was two wiggly after only four (it hurt a lot!) and he started over.   In the middle of it, he asked me if I'd been punished enough.

"Whatever you think, Master," I answered.  It's not up to me at all, of course.

"Good answer", he said.  And kept going.

Paddling finished, after one tummy blow, I was forgiven and we got down to the extremely pleasurable sucking and fucking parts of the evening.   

I am very thankful for this punishment, a reminder of the rules and how I need to pay attention to them and not get carried away by my own wants. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

True Love sometimes in the form of a wall paper steamer.  Master brought one home last night, and we have been steaming up a storm since then.  The kitchen wall paper is coming down at a much quicker rate than before, and it does well on the leftover paste too.  

"Happy Birthday", he said.   Everything nice he does for me between now and my birthday is going to be given with a declaration of happy birthday, he said. Including my new car.  

Well, maybe not everything.  He didn't say happy birthday after taking me down roughly, putting the machete to my throat, forbidding me from making a sound and then fucking my mouth and cunt last night.  He got me on all fours and then kicked me in the ass and between my legs.   

True love also includes machetes and cunt kicks sometimes.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Belt Buckle

This is the belt buckle from this blog entry:

Master thought I should post a picture of it, so here it is:

It's very heavy. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Sexytimes!

1. For you, what is sexy time?

Any time we we are doing the sucking, fucking or beatings.

2. If your best friend asked, “Do you think I’m sexy?” What would you say?

Yes, my friends are sexy.  My best friend is my Master, and I think he's extremely sexy. 

3. If your Mom or Dad asked, “How’s your love life?” Would you answer? What would you tell them?

I'd say something simple like "It's good."  No elaboration needed! I can't really see them asking that though. 

4. A young 8-year-old neighbor asks you, “What is the birds and the bees?” How do you reply?

"That means how animals make babies".  Also, no need for elaboration unless they have more questions. 

5. What would you do if your lover’s turn on is your turn off?

I would do it anyway, because he wants it.  But I would also tell him it wasn't my thing, because he wants to know what I enjoy and what I do not, mostly so he can torment me with the ones I don't like, I think.  It is actually one of his rules that I must tell him. 

Bonus: What does it mean to be a man?

It means identifying as a man.  That's all.  I don't go for this whole "A real man does xyz or doesn't do abc..." load of crap.   

More answers for TMI Tuesday:

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sexiest Words Ever

Sunday morning I'm on my knees.  No, not praying, but worshiping anyway. 

When he says,

"If you don't start sucking better than that you're going to get the buckle end".

FYI, the buckle end feels a lot worse than the leather end.

About Saturday Night

We went to the geeky play party Saturday night to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had a wonderful time.  We started out with lying on pillows and cuddling, then Master wanted his feet rubbed.   I enjoyed doing this while I soaked up the ambience of many cuddling bodies on one hand and the beginnings of several scenes around us with floggers and electrical devices.   

As more people arrived, we went to look for games to play in the game room, and found a fun little non-kinky card game to join.

When we had finished a few rounds of cards, Master said it was time to beat on me, and I grabbed the bag and went back to the dungeon room.   He chose one of the few pieces of available equipment, a spanking bench.  He had me strip.  I pulled my dress over my head and put it to the side, also removing my glasses. I left my panties on until the last second, though I knew I'd have to lose those too.  I'm never sure if it is more a remaining modesty or just how much I love hearing him order me to remove them.
 (sshhh, slave secret!)

He told me to get on my collar, then he handed me the wrist cuffs and said to put those on as well.  He began laying out instruments as I worked on donning the cuffs.  

Master got the hood out and slid it over my head.  As he tightened the buckles and straps I felt myself slipping into a kind of altered state already.  He led me to the bench and I knelt on the padded kneeler, bent forward and held my hands out to him.  Master stretched my wrists even further and tied ropes to the cuffs to tighten me up.

He began with the soft floggers, which is an all over body massage feeling.  Intermittently he ran his hands slowly over me, over my back and behind, between my legs, checking to see how wet I was. He ran the leather paddle over my back; I could identify it by feel.

It cut sharply into my ass, over and over, until I was squirming against my ropes.  Then he switched back to floggers, I think the stingy ones this time, although events have all run together in my mind now so I'm not sure.   They fell hard on my ass, my back, my upturned feet, ankles and calves.  The flogged ankles were especially painful, feeling like fire raining down on them each time.  There was no where to go, however, I was tightly restrained so I simply accepted it.  

Master got out the wavy paddle, Kris, and rubbed it across my body.  I shuddered a little on the inside, knowing just what it would feel like, and how painful it would be in a second or two.  At the same time I wanted the pain.  It was painful, and I struggled more against the rope, and the first whimpers began to be forced out of me.  I'm not sure why I'd been uncharacteristically quiet, but it might have been the effect of the hood making me feel disconnected from everything around, even partly from myself.  Plus, floggers and leather straps just aren't as painful to me as that wooden paddle!  He fucked me with his fingers until I soaked the towel he'd placed beneath me.

By the time Master untied me and removed the hood I was quite wobbly. He had me sit on the bench and he flogged my front as well.  Then he had me spray down the equipment while he went to get a bed ready.

He sent me over to the mattresses.  There were people on each side, on other mattresses, no more than a couple feet away, probably already fucking although I couldn't see well without my glasses, and I could not tell who they were.   

I was shaking all over in reaction to the beatings, but I lay back and waited for Master.   He fucked me until the shaking stopped and then fucked me some more.  

By the time we collapsed in a heap on the mattress almost two hours had passed, most of that with beating and flogging.

We rested a few minutes, put our clothes on and then went to get snacks.  I drank almost a whole bottle of water in one gulp.  This time, no dehydration issues and no subdrop, so that was good.  It was a wonderful night for me, and a perfect anniversary celebration. 


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fantasy Story

This is one I made up:

He was just finishing up some work at his office.  The sun came in low between the blinds and shone golden on the rows of books across from his desk.  He looked fondly at the leather bound classics and wondered if he should run out for a quick coffee on his way or just head home.   

A hesitant knock sounded on the door.  He crossed the room and opened it to find a young women standing with a sheaf of papers in hand.  She fidgeted from one foot to the other as she began, 

"Professor, I apologize for my late paper.  I know it was due Monday, but I just finished it now."  She held out the papers.

"I have no excuse.  I am prepared for my punishment."

He smiled darkly.  She was about 5', maybe a little more, slim yet soft all over.  She wore a thin, white blouse that was unbuttoned at the top and a fitted skirt.  His eyes traveled down her hips and bare legs to her black heels. The ankle straps of her shoes gave a suggestion (maybe just to him) of bondage.

She looked down in embarrassment.

"Come in" he said, taking the proffered papers from her hand. 

"Stand over here now, girl", he ordered, indicating a corner of the room.  

He stepped behind the desk, having no doubts about her doing exactly as he said, reaching for the long hanging curtain, for what lay behind it. 

When he returned to stand in front of her, he carried a dark cane of about 3 feet in length.  

"Hold out your hands."

Her trembling palms were raised in offering to him.  Her face was turned away, ashamed.

He balanced the cane on her palms carefully and told her sternly,

"Now stay like this, and think about how you can better manage your time for the next writing assignment so as to have it done on time."

"Yes, Professor," she replied.

He knew she had expected to be struck.  They all did expect that.  Her body trembled with the need for it.  But he preferred to make her wait just now.  His thoughts of getting coffee or going home had vanished.   It could be a long night.  His eyes glittered. 


Master Tricked Me

He told me last night he was going to use and abuse me for his pleasure, because I'm his cunt. 

He had me lie face down on the bed.  I was tense with anticipation.

And then he gave me a massage.  This was soooo good because I have been sore in every part of me thanks to home decorating, gardening and dog training.  I've been slurping down the ibuprofen twice a day but I can still hardly get out of bed without going through a stretching routine first.

After the massage there was of course the fucking.  :)

Tonight we are going out for a celebration of our anniversary at a kink party!  I can't wait!  I think I'm going to let my arms and back rest today.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

TMI Tuesday Get 'er Done

1. You have 3 days to live: a. What will you stop doing?

Weeding the garden.  Removing wall paper from the kitchen.

  b. What will you do before your time runs out?

More sex.  Eat donuts, probably a dozen.  Call my parents. Hug my kids.

2. “True wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau a. Are you truly experiencing life? b. Are you truly experiencing a full sex life?

a. Yes, I have experienced quite a few interesting things. Of course, I'm looking forward to much more to come.  

b.  Definitely.  I have no complaints.  :) :) Especially today. I got beaten 3 times, sexed twice and gave one blowjob.  Two men. I feel pretty awesome about my sexlife.

3. During sex, what is something that usually distracts you?

My brain.

4. Because you are busy, busy, busy you now have been ordered to have scheduled down time of two hours. a. What time of day do you take your down time? b. What do you do in your down time?

I usually have coffee and internet time in the morning.  And then I have movie watching or internet time in the morning, so that's what I'd do.  

5. Thinking about your sex life: a. What are the positives? b. What are the negatives?

Positives:  My Master is awesome and generous and just the right amount of cruel and vicious.  

Negatives:  I can't think of any but my Master thinks I should be able to take on more men.  Perhaps three or four.  

More about TMI Tuesday:

Monday, July 10, 2017

Property Ownership Q/A

 These questions came from an M/s group on Fetlife, and since I've been busy today, I'm taking a blog shortcut to re-post them here.  

The questions are about slaves and how property ownership works for each individual relationship.  

1. Who owns the house or do you jointly own it?

We jointly own it. We are married and so we have jointly owned everything from the time that we married. That was the way it has been since before I became his slave.   Our anniversary is today, actually- 24 years. 

2. Who owns the contents of the house? Is your arrangement like a conventional relationship, with both of you owning all the contents, or is property divided, or entirely owned by one partner?

The things I use, like my clothes, my computer etc. are considered mine, although since he owns me he has ultimate say over everything I own as well as everything we own together.

3. As an s-type, would you consider a LONG-TERM M/s relationship where you are neither co-owner of the house, nor have any marital property rights? If so, would you contribute to the house financially? As an M-type, would you/have you ask(ed) this of your slave?

I've never considered an M/s relationship with anyone but him. My idea of being a slave means absolute subservience, so whatever the Master wants is what happens.

4. Is the s-type considered to be "property" in that the s-type is part of the contents of the Master's house or is the s-type a different type of property?

Yes, I am his property. He thinks of me as more like a pet than a thing, because I'm living and have feelings and that alone gives him more responsibility for my welfare than he would feel for a washing machine. A human property is definitely different than any other type of property, but slave=property to us.

5. If you have pets in your household, who owns the pets? Can you or your slave just go and buy a pet if you want to? Who decides where the pets sleep and where/what they eat?
I own the dogs, the cat and the sheep. He owns the fish. I can't bring home animals without permission. That was true before I was a slave too. I guess we had pretty strict rules about certain things back then too. My Master can do what ever he likes, including getting more pets. I make a lot of the decisions about the pet care, but there are certain things he doesn't want, like dogs sleeping in the bedroom. He made a brief exception for the new puppy while she was getting used to her new home, because otherwise they are lonely and bark, but I had to ask first, and then I moved her downstairs once she got used to our home and routines. Before we lived together my dogs ALWAYS slept on the bed.

6. May purchases be made for the home without the Master's consent? Such as a new sofa or a barbecue or a framed picture? If the s-type must get permission, what factors invite the Master's sanction: taste? cost?

No, most things would be too expensive to buy without asking him first. Small things like new pillows I might just buy without asking and I wouldn't be in trouble.

Edit: Did one of you arrive with more 'stuff' than the other?

When we moved in together everything we had could fit in one of those small U-Haul trailers. It was very minimal. I didn't even own a bed.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Master is Really Mean, And I Am Happy To Be Home

It was a gorgeous night for a walk.  Thunderstorms had cleared away all the humidity and left bright sunshine and brisk refreshment for us to enjoy together.

Master and I, on our two mile walk, had a cheerful talk about everything and anything that came to mind.  

When he sent me up to bed I had to wait on the floor for only a few minutes before he came in.  From a hundred words, looks and touches throughout the evening I knew he desired me.  I stayed still, eyes close at first, but as I more felt than heard his steps behind me I peeked out under my arm to look.  I could see feet.  He hadn't said anything so I knew I was not to move.   The fan began to whir.

 He was very close to me. He touched me and kissed me lightly, so ticklingly that I laughed and tried to move away.  He touched me firmly.  He stood up again.  I heard the rattle of canes in the umbrella holder by the bed. 

A swish and a stinging smack on my upturned ass let me know it was the misery stick.  I stayed quiet, biting my own arm when I had to.   The heavier blows of the red cane were next.  I felt him close behind me again and a second later he thrust into me hard.  I couldn't help a slight moan then.  

When he fucked me in bed I breathed through him.  He pinched my nose shut and covered my mouth with his.  The way to get air was only through his mouth.  We breathed as one.

In the morning, in the shower, I gave him a blowjob.  He came on my face.  I licked up his come and then nestled my head against him, just enjoying the sensations of my cheek on his softening penis, the subjugation.  He grasped his cock and aimed.  I knew what always came next.  After my piss-shower he spit on me.  More subjugation, covered in substances that came from him, I felt deliciously disgusting, delightfully naughty, completely subservient. Owned. Loved.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Talking About Relatives

One of the great things about going to see my parents is catching up with my mom on all the family happenings.  She is the hub of news, so she always knows what there is to know.  There is usually more than can be covered in a phone call.

This time it was her sister again, who is unhappy in her marriage.  My uncle is some kind of vice president corporation big wig who has provided several mansions and maids and all that hoopla.  Now, however, he's home all the time, still working, but from home instead of going to work.  So, it is a lot more obvious about his faults to my aunts.  

My mom said "We all tried to warn her about him before they even got married, but she wouldn't listen."   I'm estimating my aunt and uncle have been married at least 45 years now, ever since I can remember anyway.   

So I asked my mom what exactly was the problem with him that they warned about. 

"He doesn't respect women.  His dad thought that women were never worth listening to, and his sons were raised that way and believe it as well.  So now (my aunt) feels he never listens to her.  Which he doesn't.  But she also talks too much and refuses to stop talking when he wants some quiet time."

So, where am I going with this, other than just blathering on for paragraphs about my family?

Sometimes we talk about really long relationships as being a success or about being unable to leave a M/s relationship as being something that we aspire to or that other people think is utter bollocks.   Personally, I feel that being unable to leave means you must try harder to work things out, rather than give up quickly.  You don't get to have a long relationship if you don't have the ability to work things out. 

Even in a vanilla relationship, other people can sometimes look at it from the outside, with only having part of the story, part of the information, mainly the complaints, and wonder "Why does she stay?"  Well, my conclusion is that she has her reasons, which for the past 45-ish years have been good enough for her.  Whether they will be good enough reasons tomorrow is unknown until that time comes.   

Vacation Over

Our child-free vacation is over, which is kind of good, because I missed them!

I was driving down to Missouri again on Monday when I heard this weird scraping noise coming from under the car.   I pulled off at a gas station and looked underneath, only to discover that there was a large piece of metal dragging from the bottom of my car.  I know basically nothing about cars, but I thought this is probably a bad thing.  So I drove a block down the road to a car repair place that was open July 3 (lucky for me).  They said I'd have to wait for hours to get it looked at.   I went back outside and called my Master.  He had some suggestions for me, and started looking online for other places in that town.  I took the simplest one first.  I went back in and told a different guy of my plight and asked if he could look under the car and tell me what the thing hanging down was.   He did.  It was one of the straps that holds the gas tank on, but the bolts and other strap were doing well enough, he thought, for me to make it to Missouri.  So I went on.

I did get it fixed by my parents' trusted mechanic there, which was kind of a hassle, but worth it.  I really, really want a new car now though.  I'm very tired of this one always breaking down. It's a 2003 with a lot of miles, so it is really old.  

"Piece of crap"  applies well.   Sorry, car!  

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fingering: KOTW

I really like to feel my cunt slammed with fingers.

Master had given me a flogging, then had me kneel at his feet.   I looked up at him as I took his cock in my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue until he was hard, then tightening my mouth on it as he gripped my hair and pumped into my mouth hard and fast.  He reached for something.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the crop go past, and strike down on to my ass from above.  I moaned and wiggled, but kept sucking as well as I could.  

 When my ass was stinging he stepped back and pushed me forward on my hands and knees.  He moved quickly around behind me and took my cunt with one hard thrust.  It hurt deliciously, and I first leaned forward away from him, and then pushed my ass back into him.   Only a few minutes later, he told me to get in bed.  He slipped the smooth leather straps around my wrists and put them behind my head.  He presented his cock for sucking as he knelt over me and I watched him put on a blue nitrile glove.  

Two fingers plunged into my cunt and one stroked my asshole.  He dripped some lube on for my pleasure.  His finger entered my ass and a third teased my pussy, then found its way in.   He began with slow strokes which became rapid and intense.  My cunt was delighted, but the same roughness and rhythm in my ass was painful.  The pleasure was in the pain and I didn't want it to ever stop.  But he worried that my moans were not of pure joy and he did stop.  I was inarticulate.  Maybe I should have said what I was feeling but at that moment I couldn't even get simple words out.  

10/10 would do again, though.  

Fingering as the Kink of the Week, more can be seen here:


Saturday, July 1, 2017

What Kind of Balls?

Master and I were driving to the store this morning to pick up supplies for the party we are throwing tonight, when out of nowhere he exclaimed excitedly,
"I know what game we can play at the party!"

I ask warily "What game?"

"I can paint Pikachu on your butt and then everyone can throw pokeballs at it." 

"What are you going to use for balls?"

"Rocks, or something" he said carelessly.

Gulp.  Rocks.  Or something.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Purpose

1. If happiness was a currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

Sex, intimacy and bdsm.
2. Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

I do believe in what I am doing.  I think it has value and purpose.  May not "feeding the hungry" level of importance, but it is important in my life and for my values.
3. If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

I would have had kids earlier.
4. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

Doing the right things. I'm not much of a perfectionist. 
5. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Newborns don't speak English :). 
Probably something like "Who's a cute little sprog sprout? You are!" 

Bonus: When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

Oh no.  Other that writing a little bit, I don't talk much.  

Monday, June 26, 2017

Cooking and Fucking: A Collaboration

I had such a delightful day yesterday.  It was a nice summer's day here in the north, and it was made even more lovely by what transpired during the day.  Master had invited a friend over to cook with me (and told me I would be serving our friend in any way that he desired, with one limit, which is no anal).

We made a light lunch first, as Dr. Peter showed me how to make dosas.  They were sticking to the pan at first, since I don't have the right pan for them, but he told me about his mother's trick of cooking an egg in the pan first, and after that they were perfect.  Dosas are a type of Indian crepe.  He brought along some sambar (spiced vegetable stew) and coconut chutney to fill them.  

When we had finished eating we went upstairs for some play. 

First Master flogged Dr. Peter, who said he was in dire need of a good flogging, which he always enjoys.  Master had Dr. Peter lean over the antique chest of drawers which was the perfect height for him to balance his elbows.  This was enjoyable for me to watch from the other side of the room.

When they were finished with the scene, Master put on my collar, chain leash and wrist cuffs and they had me kneel on the dark brown wooden chaise longue upholstered with a green brocade. It is narrow so I knew I would have to concentrate on being still.  I can be a wiggler when the painful things are happening!

After a few strong hand spankings, he picked up one of the canes he had brought.  I couldn't see which one, but when it landed across my ass and thighs it felt like fire.  My Master stood in front of me, holding the leash up tight to help keep me still.

Dr. Peter switched to a smoked dragon cane, which hurt just as much as the first one.  It grew harder in intensity, and Master tightened his grip on me.  I didn't fall, but eventually they moved me to a position kneeling on the floor. 

My tender bits between my legs were caned; the combination of pain and flaming pleasure was impossible to resist.  I had soon soaked everything. 

I was thoroughly used, as you can see here:

I was bleeding a little bit, but Master simply handed the leash over to Dr. Peter, telling me I should obey every order I was given.  Master went downstairs.   

Dr. Peter lay back on the bed.  I have to admit I had been thinking about this moment all week, imagining how it was going to go, what he was going to do, what I was going to do.   Above all, I desired to be pleasing.   I think I succeeded.  


After a long while, we went back downstairs. My Master jumped up, saying "My turn".  I was sore, tired and very nearly sated but he is irresistible.  Literally, heh.  He fucked me and paddled me while he fucked me, and talked to Dr. Peter the entire time.  I enjoy that sort of objectification. 
Dr. Peter did most of the cooking of dinner, as I watched intently and picked up all sorts of tips that just reading recipes doesn't give one.

Meanwhile, Master was randomly smacking, molesting and generally being VERY distracting in the kitchen.   

The food, of course, was absolutely delicious. There was curry spiced chicken and squash with onions and dal and a little spice.  None of it was hot hot, but all very flavorful.

  I had made strawberry rhubarb pie in the morning so I had to save some room for that.  

Today I'm sore and worn out, but it was quite the perfect day for me.   


PS. Dr. Peter helped me write this one, so I named it a collaboration.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Last night Master attached the clover clamps to my lower lips and stretched them tight.  He inserted two fingers and began fucking me with them.  It was full of hurting pleasure, and as he did it he told me that he'd like to have another submissive woman here to attach the other set of clamps to her the same way, and then the double ended dildo between us.  

When we are all trussed up like that he would beat us, so we'd be tempted to squirm, but all squirming would lead to more pain from the clamps.

We just need some volunteers...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Improving a Bad Day

Master had a terrible day yesterday.  He's caught my cold, but he still has to go into work.  Not only that, but he had to go to a meeting after work that lasted until 8:30.  He starts work at 8.  Then on the way home he hit something in the road, a rock or pothole, and wrecked not only the tire but also the rim.   Then he got home and found out our mortgage company messed up the payment I gave them and were calling us a month behind.  So he spent an hour on the phone with them sorting it out.  It is all sorted now, and it was their fault, so that's ok at least.

I had forgotten about his meeting after work and made dinner, put on some make up and a slutty outfit, got myself all worked up and  ready to meet him at the door.  I only remembered to check the messages when he didn't appear at the usual time.  Doh.  So I sat around all evening watching TV.  I took off my outfit and put on my bathrobe.  I figured he would be tired after that long day.  

He wasn't so much tired as keyed up and upset, so at bedtime he gave me a paddling and then used me hard, which was good for both of us.     

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Shame!

1. Tell us a sexual thing/fantasy would you never want your friends to know you like or have done?

My kinky friends all could have access to my blog if they wanted to see what I'm up to.  I don't really share every fantasy with anyone but my Master.  For my vanilla friends?  Big difference!  I wouldn't really want them to know any of it, from the simple to the extreme. 

2. Has anyone ever found an item of sexy underwear, a sex toy or perhaps a picture on your phone that embarrassed you?

The kids found and played with a riding crop we accidentally left out once.  They said "This would be GREAT for hitting people" and went waving it around.  I said it was for horse back riding,  which I don't do much of now, and I never used a crop when I did, but you never know when you're going to start up again, right?

3. Do you have any fantasies you could never go through with because you think you would feel ashamed?

Nope, whichever ones Master wants me to go through with will happen.   If I'm ashamed that is not a big issue.  It could even be sort of hot to be slightly ashamed.  

4. Have you ever felt shame after a sexual experience?

Yes, I had some feelings of shame when we first started playing with other people.  Even though it was at my Master's orders, I felt a little too slutty about how much I enjoyed various things, and I was kind of ashamed of that.  Now I guess I have embraced my inner slut and it doesn't bother me at all.   My Master really encourages my inner slut!  :)

Bonus:  Share a recent non-sexual moment of shame.

I'm not going to get the bonus- I can't think of anything recent.    

See the other answers at:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Just Two Little Words

 Master started out Sunday morning by having me cook his breakfast naked, and constantly harassing me as I worked on it. I was in quite a dripping state when he put me on the floor and shoved his cock into my mouth.  He pulled me up a few minutes later and, with a light smack, told me to get back to cooking.

I was fucked up against the wall, doggy style on the floor, and every which way.  There was some heavy paddling too.  All in the kitchen while I was making some sausages.

  After we ate he told me to put the butt plug in and come back to suck his cock.   I did this.  It had been a while since I'd used the plug, but I got it in pretty quickly anyway. 

He took me upstairs after I'd pleasured him with my mouth, and used that mean, nasty vicious tire tread slapper paddle on me.  Then we got in bed and he had me get on top.  He told me to tie his hands to the bed and put the leash on HIS neck.  That was different, but I did as he wanted.  I knelt above his face and played with my cunt inches from his nose, in the way that I know teases him.  I played with his cock and then left it alone just when he was getting most aroused.  I bit him and rode his cock in the backwards position.  I got out the hitachi and had orgasms- some of them (most) waited for his command, but if I could I would just have them rapid fire like without commands.  I was pretty wild and free there for a bit, and I know we both had a really fun time.  

 When he finally came inside me, we collapsed back on the bed side by side. 

"There are just two little words that can get you out of the trouble you're in now."  I knew he was just teasing me.  It helps me come down to earth again, though, back to my normal subservient mindset from being a bit of a toppy little cunt.

What's that?" I asked.

"Happy Father's Day" he said.

"Happy Father's Day", I repeated.

Never being one afraid to state the obvious, I added, smiling, "That's three words".

"I guess you're not getting out of it then," he said, also smiling.  

Then I rolled my head on to his shoulder for closer cuddling.   

Sunday, June 18, 2017


I knew I was in for a rough night when Master put on his black fedora and called me Dolores.  The fact that he was holding a machete didn't help.

He'd been reading my old diaries and wanted to know why, in November of 1988, I had gone to a movie with "Teddy".  I told him I didn't remember any "Teddy".  He put me on my knees, hit me hard as I knelt in front of him.  The machete is dulled at the edges, but as a tool for beating is very painful, with no give at all.  He asked me why I had held hands with this Teddy person at the movie, why my hand had made it's way into Teddy's pants during the movie.  Why I had fucked this other guy when I was supposed to belong to and be faithful to my Master.  

He still called me Dolores. 

 I denied everything.  I sobbed.  I didn't know any Teddy, or go to any movie with anyone.  I couldn't remember anything about 1988, for Christsake.  The knife really hurt though, and he kept hurting me relentlessly until I admitted seeing a movie with Teddy, holding his cock in my hand, letting him fuck me afterward.  I confessed to everything, folding like a napkin until the torture of that heavy knife.

Later on, after he'd fucked me and given me powerful orgasms, I cuddled up to him in bed.  My mind confused by pain, exhaustion, subspace and Nyquil, I asked him timidly,

"There was no Teddy, really, was there?" 

Back from Trip

Tuesday I drove the kids down to Missouri to visit my parents, with my sore back and all still.  The drive went ok, but was beastly hot, 97-99 degrees after a downpour, for 9 hours, with my old van AC that is barely hanging in there.   The air conditioning works fine as long as I'm going along at a good speed, but as soon as the car is idling it starts putting out barely cool air.  I had four dogs in the car so it was impossible to stop and turn the car off. 

Anyway, the trip was as good as can be expected, and I got to see my parents and brother, sister in law and two nieces.  I don't get to see the latter family very often at all, so that was really fun.  One is 3 and the other 9.   The older one is crazy about horses and was signed up for horse riding camp all week.  The rest of us alternately puttered around the farm or went out to eat to try to keep cool.   Heat and being unable to cool down is my nemesis.   I didn't sleep very well and on Thursday I came down with a cold.  On the plus side, my back was finally better.   I wasn't sure if I'd be able to drive back Friday as planned, but left it to be determined by how I felt in the morning.  Master did not want me to drive if I was too sick to be safe. 

Friday morning I woke up sharp at 5:30 without an alarm, and I decided this was my sign to go, since I wanted to be on the road at 6 to avoid traffic driving through St. Louis.   I made some coffee, loaded up the dogs and took off.  The kids would say with their grandparents for a few weeks as they do every summer, first one set and then the other, who don't live far away.

 I put in an audiobook, The Gift of Fear, which was really interesting and made the miles fly by.  It may have been one of the shortest seeming 9 hour drives I have made.  I didn't get to finish it, but I think I'm going to seek out a paper copy so I can finish reading at home.

I got home in the early afternoon and was able to unpack, shower and make dinner before Master got home.  I had cooked him a steak with mushrooms and onions, not something I eat (steak or mushrooms), while I had something else.  It was really good to be home.  



Monday, June 12, 2017

Ever Had This Happen?

I found out I was telling the story all wrong.

It was the 20-something year old story of how we got engaged. The other day we were talking about... I don't remember what... and Master happened to mention a crucial bit of the story that I had completely forgotten, so I'd been telling how he proposed to me all wrong this whole time.  After he mentioned it, the memory came back to me and I knew he was right.  

I feel oddly guilty about this, like I should go back to everyone I told the story to and say, "Actually, it was like this, not what I said before".  I know they probably weren't paying attention that closely and most likely don't even care, but somehow I feel all wrong about it. 

The bit I left out was that before he'd even asked me to marry him we were at a big party at school and he just started introducing me to everyone as his fiancee.  I think I just accepted it like "Of course I am."   Later on he actually asked me, with a ring and everything, and that was the part that I remember.   

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Feeling Terrible

Once again my back is killing me.  I don't know what I did to it, but bending over to unload the dishwasher it went out and now I'm aching constantly.  There is no position that feels good for more than a few minutes and any movement also hurts.  I hate this so much. 

I woke up at 5 am this morning feeling like I was about to die of the heat and pain.  It was 81 in the house (at 5 am!).

Thankfully, I was able to turn on the AC, and after a bit of sitting on a vent I thought I might live after all.   In a few days I'm going to see my parents in Missouri, and they have no air conditioning.  I don't think I will survive at all. 

Master and I did have fun yesterday, despite my back.  We went to a munch held at someone's home, and played "Kinky Feud" which is like Family Feud with all kinky questions.  It was really fun.  Then we came home and I made dinner early.  After we ate Master fucked me quickly and I had the first orgasms I've had since Wednesday, which was a big relief. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sometimes a Miracle

For you who are parents, the occasion that both kids make plans out of the house on their own at the same time is like a minor miracle, isn't it? 

Yesterday was our oldest kid's 16th birthday, and he wanted to celebrate by going to see Wonder Woman with "friends" who actually turned out to be one girl.  He's very shy about admitting to mom and dad that he likes a girl or wants to do anything with her, so I'm trying not to make a big deal about it, they are just friends, but I did feel like I needed to know who he was going with, as part of my parental obligations.  

The younger kid planned a sleep over with his best friend for the last day of school.

So I dropped both kids off before Master got home, and I sent him a message that I was doing that.  When I got back home he was there and was ready for me to serve him dinner.  After he'd eaten, I asked if he wanted to watch a show on TV or something.

"Nope," he said, "I want to fuck you."  My heart went flippity flop because I was hoping for but not really expecting that.

We went upstairs and he grabbed me, spanked me and kissed me.  He wanted to know why I wasn't naked yet. He stripped off my shirt.  I struggled out of my shorts.  He told me it was going to be a quick one and he sent me ahead to wait. When he came into the bedroom a few minutes later he took out a cane as I knelt on the floor.  After using that on me, he flogged me and then took me from behind.  I was still in the same place, head down, ass up on the floor.  The first thrust was hard and painful and I yelped and jumped a little.  A few more and I was able to relax to receive him.

He gave me half a dozen orgasms with the magic wand, and then he flipped me over and came inside me.  

It was a good evening!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Master asked me if I wanted to play a fun new game today. I was on my knees at the time, my mouth wrapped around his cock.

"Ok" I mumbled around it.

"What was that? Ok?? What do you say?"

I corrected myself "Yes, Master."

He told me my new command to orgasm for now was going to be "shiny".   I just had to believe it would work, and it would.  

"Yes, Master", I repeated.

He had already beaten me hard with the paddle and was still using the belt on me as I was on my knees in front of him.  On top of my already bruised and welted ass from Saturday's activities, this was quite painful.  I had squirted all over the floor, and while I was cleaning it up, he kicked me in the ass and cunt. 

I kept sucking.  He kept hitting me with the belt.  Then he began to sing:


This song!   The first few times the word came up he hummed through it.  I grimaced, licked my lips, and my cunt clenched a little each time.  But I didn't come yet.  When he finally said the word I convulsed and squirted again.

He took me to bed.

He began making up new words for the tune- I can't remember all of them now but they were much naughtier than the original version.  One of them was "Now it's time to beat your hiney".

TMI Tuesday. You have questions? I have answers.

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Mystique would be the first person I'd invite.  I have a few other friends I'd love to have over more often.  The friends that visited over the weekend are two of them.
2. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

We'd be in Paris.  There would be morning sex, also bondage and spankings.  Then we would get some eclairs and coffee at a bakery and cafe, stroll around, see some sights, then more hot fucking at night.  And food, all the French food.
3. How much do you like your personality?
(pick just one)

a. A lot.
b. A little.
c. It needs work.
d. I am annoying sometimes.
e. I am difficult, and people have told me so.

Definitely d. Or a.  I don't know.  I'm all right, I guess.
4. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

I think the body.  Who cares if I'm a little doddery in the mind?
5. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any ability, what would it be?

I want the ability to cure cancer.
Bonus: How do you think you will die?

The way I picture it, we are a couple of octogenarians and we decide to take a blimp ride. Wave good bye to the kids and grandkids. Sail peacefully over the countryside. Why a blimp? Well, by that time blimp rides have become the new hot thing. We are sailing along and all of a sudden there is panic in the cabin! Flames! We're going down! I hope there's no hell! Ahhhhaaaaaggggggg.....

Or, maybe we are tottering through the countryside on our walkers. Or toodling along in our scooters. What's that in the sky? How cool, a blimp! Wait, why is it on fire??? It's getting closer, no time to run.....ahhhhhh sweet merciful death angels.... good bye cruel world...

See more answers at:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Swap and Whipping

This weekend we had some dear friends come visit us and had a fantastic time visiting with them.  They are also a M/s couple, though their relationship works differently than ours in some ways (don't they all?), they are also CNC.  They are mentioned here as Travis and Wolfmoon.

On Saturday afternoon the kids went to see a movie and we were able to play. We swapped, and  I got a good whipping.  :) It hurt, but I loved it.  

How my back looked right after:
 How it looks today:

Master had a long scene/playtime with her, which I watched from about halfway through, or so.  It looked really fun.

They spent the night and in the morning we made breakfast together.  We spent a lot of time sitting out in the yard, chatting and enjoying the weather, and playing with the puppy.  Then we went down to the river and walked.  It was just a gorgeous day!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My New Baby

This is my new baby!  She is using up almost all my time and energy, but boy is she a fun little puppy with a huge attitude. A spitfire, for sure, and smart.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Incompatibilities or Differences?

Some differences are small, but some are major and can lead to people deciding they are incompatible.  How does your relationship look? What differences are there? What incompatibilities can be overcome and how?

We are similar in a lot of ways: background, politics, sense of humor, activity levels

 *Inequalities of sexual tastes/sex drive?*
Depends what year you are talking about.  We both have changed a lot.

    *Different musical tastes?*
We started out pretty similar, in that I adopted his tastes completely.  Then I started listening to country music and he hates it.  So I just listen when he's not around. 

    *Different sleeping habits?*

I'm more of a morning person than he is, but he has to get up early for work, so we are only different on weekends, and it is really no big deal.  If he wanted me to lie in bed until he was ready to get up I'd have a hard time, but he doesn't.

    *Different parenting styles?*

If it were just me there would have been a lot less video games, but eh, not a big deal also.

We are similar in a lot of ways: background, politics, sense of humor, activity levels.

 *Inequalities of sexual tastes/sex drive?*

Depends what year you are talking about.  We both have changed a lot.  Right now I'm a bit higher, but in past years he was much more driven than me and I was quite blase toward sex.  We have lucked out in finding some heavy overlap in what sorts of kinky stuff we like to do.  It's not 100%, but he's the Master, so we do what he wants.  Sometimes he lets me play with others, also, so I can do the few things that he isn't super into.

    *Living style (one likes TV on, the other hates background noise; one likes minimalist, the other is a hoarder; one likes country, the other is a city girl; one likes cats and the other doesn't trust cats etc)*

My Master doesn't really care where he lives.  Everything else is more important to him (like his job), so he let me pick a house in the country so I could have sheep and more dogs.

    *Different hobbies and interests? (one likes hunting and ones likes shopping, one likes clubbing and one likes gardening, or one has a narrow interest the other doesn't share)*

We share some hobbies, but I do a lot of dog training stuff and he doesn't.  I'm the trainer and he's the vet, so it really is complementary.  Although he became a vet after we were together, in part because I was planning on getting a lot of animals.  He likes computer games and I don't much, although I did try one of his.

    *Physical appearance (one wants long hair and the other short etc, one is a nail biter and the other likes long nails, one likes clean-shaven while the other prefers not to shave)?*

It wouldn't matter if we had different preferences, because I follow his.

*2. Do you tolerate the incompatibilities with your partner, and if so is it for them, or because of your dynamic that you are willing to do so?*

I think we are compatible because none of the differences we have are a big deal or a problem for us. 

*3. Do you compromise on your incompatibilities, for example leaving certain things unregulated?*

If it is important to him, then he gets his way. If is isn't, then I may have some room to do what I want.

*4. Do you try to ignore your incompatibilities and focus on areas of compatibility?*

He finds my differences interesting.  I don't think we need to be exactly alike to be compatible. If we were too much alike, then we wouldn't be having any M/s or D/s relationship because we'd both want the D/M or the s side. 

*5. Or do your incompatibilities cause arguments which make it hard to keep your dynamic/relationship healthy?*

No, we don't argue about any of this.  He's the Master, so he gets what he wants.

*6. What position do you take: do you generally advise that M/s or D/s couples with incompatibilities should stay together and fulfill their promises/commitment to each other ("Here, I do what I agreed to do and we do everything His/Her way"), or in your experience is perfect or key-area compatibility essential to make it work ("Sounds like you two are simply incompatible")?*

It really depends on the issue.  It is possible to get over a lot of issues if you really want to be together.  If the relationship is on the rocks anyway, all the issues are magnified.  Solutions have to be tailored to the people involved, which means THEY have to work it out

Monday, May 29, 2017

TMI Tuesday May 30

1. If you are on facebook, when was the last time you had to “unfriend” someone and why?

Probably back during the election, for posting really hateful false crap.  Most of the time I just hide or unfollow rather than unfriend.
Or I wait for them to unfriend me. 

2. What are you addicted to?

Coffee, chocolate, pain, sex...

3. What are the first 3 things you do every morning?

Pee.  Make coffee and Master's tea. Make breakfast. 

4. How lucky are you and why?

I'm luck in love, not lucky in cards/gambling/contests.

5. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try?

Going to a real honest to goodness glory hole. 

Bonus: Are you proud of what you are doing?

Sometimes?   I don't know. What am I doing?

Just the Beginning

Slapped on the ass and pushed down on the stairs to be used.

It was just the beginning of the fun.  

Picture from Tuesday last week. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trivial Pursuits

Last Saturday we went to a kink event in another town which includes a gaming room, as well as a dungeon. We have been going there every few months now, but still aren't meeting a lot of people.  I'm not sure why- it seems like it would be a good set up to do that, but each time I go in and look around thinking "Who are all these people?"  We did know one couple, because when we got there Mystique and hasufel were already playing in the dungeon.  

 Master wanted to play a game first, and since no one really looked like they wanted to join us, we just played Trivial Pursuit together.   I'm not bad at that game, but my Master remembers and knows almost EVERYTHING, so he kicked my butt.   My proudest moment was remember the second man to step on the moon.  Mystique and hasufel came and sat with us for a bit, but she was worn out from her day of motorcycle riding in the cold rain, so they were ready to call it a night early.  

Around 9:00 we finished up the game and Master led me off to the dungeon.  At that time the place was packed, so we had to wait a few minutes and find someone who was just finishing up their scene.   Master directed me to undress and hang on to the cross.  He started with a few hard blows of the cane to get me "warmed up" before he even got out the ropes.  He wrapped my arms in rope, and tied them by the wrist to the cross.   He put the hood on me.  There was flogging, first with the soft ones and then with the stingy floggers, which made me jump and squeak.  I had a really tender part right at the base of my spine that kept being hit over and over until I didn't think I could stand it any more.  

Master got out the heavy canes and the light canes and thoroughly beat my ass.  He did a little light whacking of my breasts, but not enough to make marks.   He beat on my pussy also, making me come.

I was untied, we cleaned up our things and washed the area with sanitizing  spray, then we sat in the snack room for a bit too cool down, or warm up in my case.  I was freezing cold and Master was overheated.    I slept almost all the way home while he drove.   

In the middle of the night, after a wonderful evening with Master, that was when the dog messes began... sigh.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


I am having a fabulous week (sarcasm font).

I have a sick and vomiting kid, whose computer got broken by a leaping dog.

I have another dog who is have constant diarrhea all over everything.

Master is having a terrible time at work thanks to the boss and he's really crabby.

The good thing was that a mysterious and potentially expensive electrical problem seems to have fixed itself just by have the electrician come out and look at it.
So, how's your week?  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Digging Deep

1. The last time you had sex, was it urgent or essential?
Consider masturbation or sex with a partner.
  I think it was urgent for him and essential to me.  Sunday he hadn't really flirted with me all day, but we had been walking together a lot.  At bedtime I tucked in under the blankets (after being allowed to get in bed) and he came up and jerked the blankets down. He wanted me to say no and struggle.

2. What should you stop doing? Why?

I can't think of anything.  If I was doing anything that Master didn't like he'd tell me.  

3. What makes you feel strongest? Sexiest?


4. When do you feel vulnerable?

When I am giving in.

5. What is missing from your sex life?

  A trapeze?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Back Breaking

My back has been hurting since yesterday, probably from too much standing around at the fun fair.  Walking or sitting doesn't bother it but too much standing still does.  

My Master said he wanted to do some gardening today, so I asked, mostly talking to myself, which job I could do in the garden with hurting my back.

"Cocksucking", he grinned at me. 

Later on this evening we are going out to a play party.  I'm really eager!  I'm sure it will be good for my back.  

Friday, May 19, 2017

Crawling: Kink of the Week

To me crawling is a powerfully evocative action, representing submission in a physical way, like kneeling, only more painful.  

In my mind, crawling is much more about submission than about sexiness.  But since submission and sex go together so well in my world, it all becomes wrapped up together.  When I'm crawling I'm literally lowly, humbled, at his mercy (or not).   That is the feeling that I love about it.   Crawling on carpet is fun, but crawling across a hardwood floor is painful on the knees, so that adds an extra level of  "Only doing this because he wishes it", which is pretty hot for me.

I have  crawled for my Master many times.  Often it is because I'm already on the floor and he wants me to move to a new location: "Crawl over here, slave", he will command me.  Sometimes that is followed up with "Kiss my feet" or "Suck" or "Lie on your back". 

Then there are the times when my legs are too wobbly to trust from the things that he's been doing to me and I crawl from place to place rather than try to stand.   That is a different feeling, but also produces strong feelings of humility in me. 

Crawling for him in front of other people, with observers, adds a level of humiliation to the already humbling act.  

See more about crawling at Kink of the Week:  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Clamps and Tea: A Perfect Day

When Master got home Tuesday morning he was too tired for anything but breakfast and then sleep.  He told me to wake him at 11:30 with specific instructions:  butt plug in, leather collar on, and start with cocksucking to wake him.  

It was a difficult three hours to wait, let me tell you!  I was so excited and eager, but couldn't do anything about it.  I distracted myself by looking at and reading about puppies.  Puppies are pretty distracting.

Finally 11:30 arrived and I went up, sneaking around the bedroom quietly to get the lube, the plug, the collar and get myself all ready.  I snuggled under the covers and found Master sleeping on his stomach.  I persuaded him to roll over and I got to work on sucking.  

After he had fucked me he kicked me out of bed to make him some tea.   I hadn't gotten more than 2 feet away before he stopped me to  attach the nipple clamps.  I wasn't allowed to dress, but just went down without robe, slippers or even my glasses to make the tea.  He followed me.  I was hurrying along the hallway when I felt him grab me from behind and force me to my knees.  He pushed me forward a little bit until I had one hand on the stair.  He entered me hard and the combined pain of the swinging nipple clamps and the forcefully rammed butt plug made me whimper pitifully.  Then he let me go.  He slapped me and told me to get on that tea making!

  I had no idea how long 2 minutes and 30 seconds could seem until I was standing there in agony watching the microwave countdown. My nipples felt like they were being cut open, and I had to remind myself that it was only pain, nothing was wrong, just pain. 

When it was ready, he came down and pulled me to him by the chain on the clamps.  I cried.  He removed them and told me to come; I cried some more.  And came.

Then he sat and drank his tea, watching some porn, while I sucked his cock.  When the tea was done he bent me over the kitchen counter, paddled and then fucked me a little more.

We headed back upstairs.  He told me to stand at the dresser for my flogging.  This felt totally amazing.  He turned me around and slapped my breasts. I flinched away each time, not so good!  So he grabbed the hood out and said it would be harder for me to flinch when I couldn't see it coming.   I couldn't, of course, and that hurt much more. 

There was much more fucking, and caning, and more fucking, everything is sore... such a perfect day!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Dogs Are Gaslighting Me

I always let Ben and Sprite out together at night, last thing before bed, after they have eaten their food. It's best to have a routine so I don't forget anyone when I'm tired. I'm sitting here at my computer and I hear rustling from Ben's crate, where he eats, so I think "Oh, I need to let Ben out." I go in the other room and there is Sprite in Ben's crate, and she's playing with his empty food bowl.

My sleepy fuzz brain says "I guess I already let Ben out, because he's not there. But wait, I know I let Sprite out too, because she goes out with him. But there she is. In the house. Playing with the food bowl."

Out loud, I say "Sprite, let's go out" and she follows me, because she's a dog.

Questioning the usual suspects, I found out Sprite went out the kitchen door, ran around the house and came back in the back door, because there was lightning. It all makes sense now. If I can find Ben.

Monday, May 15, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Choices

1. If you and your significant other played “sexual truth or dare” with other couples, would you rather watch your s.o. have sex with someone or would you prefer having sex with someone in front of your s.o.?

Both are fun, but I think I'd rather watch him have sex.

2. Would you rather watch your favorite porn with your sibling or read your favorite sexy erotica out loud to your parent(s)?

The Horror, the horror!  Ummm, I guess reading erotic to my parent? Yikes, though. 

3. To get sexually aroused, would you rather watch girl on girl porn or guy on guy porn?

I watch both, but maybe a little bit more with two women.  I especially like it if it is violent.

4. Would you rather have sex with your boss, in an office conference room or masturbate at home knowing that your neighbor is watching?

Whichever one my Master wants.  I know this is a cheat on the question.  Master is my boss, so I'll pick that one! 

5. Based on your current mood, would you rather try out new and kinky sex ideas or have romantic sex?

Always pick kinky!

Bonus: Would you rather have three kids and no money or no kids with three million dollars?

Three kids.  I already have two, so that's the only good option there.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

To all the moms out there in blog land!

I had a very lovely day.  We convinced the kids to go out with us (they are very stay at home-y lately) to a museum exhibit I wanted to see and then out to eat for mid afternoon lunch/dinner.  

I think everyone had a great time.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Sometimes instead of just getting off, you want to pull out all the toys. Master gave me permission for "several" orgasms today and I sure did.

Skirt Up

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Unique New Pleasure

I'm just going to say it.

I love caning.

There isn't anything about it that I don't love. 

The anticipation beforehand of how much it's going to hurt.

The warm up (if any).

The pain.  Most of all the pain that is so hard to take that I squiggle and try to get away.

The arousal that comes next.  I would hump anything.  Even the air. To get off.

Even more pain.  Strokes on top of fresh welts.

Some teasing, stroking, rubbing.  And more pain.

The after glow.

The pain of marks that remind me of their presence later when I try to sit. 

But today I had an entirely unique and new pleasure. 

 Hooded, I lay back naked on a bed that wasn't ours.  I was in the subspace and after glow state after a hard caning.   Two men, one of them my Master, discussing all sorts of topics, personal and historical and literary, from gossip to Kipling to imperialism, as they lay on either side casually fondling me all over.  At first Master had my arms pinned above my head, but my hands began to fall asleep and I wiggled them down to my sides.  

Hands touching me everywhere.  With the hood I couldn't tell who or where the hands might go next.  I was ready for anything and yet utterly relaxed.  My breasts, my sides, my thighs, the top of my pussy, my stomach, my hands, my arms.  Light stroking and gentle massaging, moving from one area to another.   It was just so entrancingly and casually erotic I could have lain like that forever, the conversation of two deeply interesting men shifting from one topic to another, sometimes emphasizing points of conversation on my body, talking with their hands.  I lay quietly for the most part, content to be a play object. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

TMI Tuesday

1. What period of your life was the happiest? Why?

I really think the last 6 years have been the happiest I have ever had.  I like having kids, but I like it even more now that they are more independent and don't need me constantly hovering over them.  I'm not really a good hover-er, but little kids, well, they are danger prone and into everything, so you kind of have to!

And I really, really love being a slave to my Master.

2. True or False. If you want a successful date, take charge–take the lead. Why?

False, for me anyway.  I am a submissive person and I do not feel comfortable in the lead.  I like the motto "Begin as you intend to go on" for this situation.  If you are a leader, lead.  If you are naturally a follower, do that.  Then you will get to know each other as you really are.  

3. True or false: Males are aggressive and assertive, and women are nurturing. Explain your answer.

I disagree with just about any gender stereotypes.  I think plenty of men are laid back or submissive, and there are some kick ass, take charge women out there too, including those who think children are demon spawn and couldn't nurture at all. 

4. Is your body keeping you from a good sex life? How so?

Nope, I'm happy with my sex life.  My body cooperates pretty well with what Master wants it to do. 

5. Smiles. Do you have a sexy smile that is different from your regular smile. Post a pic of your sexy smile or describe it for us?

I guess I do, but I can't post a picture.  There is a bit of a wicked glint in my eye when I'm thinking naughty things.

Bonus: May is Masturbation Month. Which of these is your best benefit from masturbating:
a. helps you to relax and/or fall asleep
b. boosts self-esteem
c. combats erectile dysfunction
d. helps you know what feels good so you can tell your sex partner

None of those, really.  I am allowed to masturbate once a day if my Master isn't home, and I usually have used that opportunity way before bedtime.  I just do it because it feels good and relieves some horniness (sometimes). 

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Good Weekend

The weather the last few days has been perfect here.  Master and I went out walking Saturday, and Sunday we went to the garden store and came home with a huge cart full of things to plant, including raspberries of two types.  After all that digging around I'm pretty sore now, which is enhanced by the marks he's left on my ass. 

Saturday night Master was tired, but wanted to get off inside me before sleep, so we had a real quickie fuck, after which he beat me a little with the canes as a reward.   It was a hard for me to get to sleep after that, but not impossible.  I woke up still horny, but Master didn't feel that good and needed some breakfast and tea right away.  He felt better later in the morning.

I wasn't expecting him to do anything with me because we had all those gardening plans, but before I knew it I was kneeling on the bedroom floor.  He blindfolded me and I felt his knife scraping across my ass.  It didn't hurt nearly as much as cutting myself on a bread knife, and in fact I didn't even realize he had made cuts on me until I was putting jeans on later and felt the sore spots rubbing. 

He was still holding the knife as he pulled back on my collar. I was on my hands and knees on the floor.  He put the knife to my throat and fucked me from behind, which was amazingly hot.  There was a lot more fucking after that, which has all blended into indistinctness in my mind now.

Afterward, when we were cuddling, he said I looked so sweet that he hardly even wanted to blow on my tummy at all.   The only reason he likes to do it is that I hate it.   So I figured if I could fake not caring about whether he did it or not then he wouldn't want to do it any more.   Right?

I made the mistake of saying all this out loud.   He started singing a Frozen tummy blow song.  You know the one: "Let it blow, let it blow..." ending up with "Tummy blows never bothered me anyway."

He started to move down that direction and my face scrunched up, expecting the worst.  So much for pretending.  But he didn't do it after all. 

We got in the shower right away and he started by aiming his penis at me.   "You wish I would use the toilet, don't you, slave."

I didn't.  I really didn't wish that.  I love being degraded by him. 

"Whatever you want, Master", I answered him immediately.

"I will use the toilet to pee, because that's you.  My toilet," he told me and my insides did squirmy little happy flip flops of delight.  He pissed all over my tits and my cunt. It did not smell good.  So disgusting, in fact.  I want to touch myself again just at the thought, but I can't because I've already used up my allotted masturbation time for the day (one).


I Don't Know What I Was Thinking

Instead of being in my spot on the floor, I was reading in bed last night.  I suppose I thought Master would be downstairs for a long time, ...